Pielke Jr. on the US National Climate Assessment

NYT article on US Nat’l Climate Assessment/Trump is right & wrong

“Trying to politicize or dismiss climate science is one thing when the warnings come from Democrats or academics. But this report comes from his administration’s very own agencies.”

It is right that Trump Admin has politicized the Nat’l Climate Assessment

But that is by design
So too did Clinton, Bush & Obama

The NCA is run from the White House by political appointees

Political interference is a feature not a flaw



The NYT incorrectly asserts that the NCA is run by the federal agencies

That is wrong
Egregiously wrong

It is run out of the White House

See the history here:


The 4th assessment (Obama) was highly politicized as well
It misused RCP8.5 throughout & promoted the most extreme scenarios

Somehow, work funded by Bloomberg/Steyer came to play a major role in the report, authored by scientists with undeclared COIs



The NYT implies politicization of the NCA is OK from Ds & academics:
“Trying to politicize or dismiss climate science is one thing when the warnings come from Democrats or academics.”

We can expect the Biden Admin to also politicize the NCA, as this is built into its fabric…

Politicized climate science is OK if Ds do isn’t a recipe for scientific integrity in climate science advice

Everyone wants their folks in charge, but that is not how science advice is supposed to work

Climate change is real & serious which is why we need advice with integrity

Here is how to fix the National Climate Assessment, for both Ds and Rs

The importance of climate change does not mean that scientific integrity is optional, it means that it is necessary



Originally tweeted by Roger Pielke Jr. (@RogerPielkeJr) on January 2, 2021.

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January 3, 2021 at 12:53AM

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