Torvill & Dean Skating On Thin Ice

By Paul Homewood

Torvill & Dean take the Climategeld!




In an hour long ITV documentary, Torvill & Dean get whisked off to Alaska to fulfil their long held dream of skating on a lake in the mountains.

Naturally, of course, it is all presented as their last chance before global warming makes it impossible.

Having jetted into Anchorage, they are advised to travel a thousand miles north to Fairbanks, if they want to find any ice. This is all very strange, because the programme starts with them skating on Lake Bonnie (above), which is only just inland from Anchorage!

Evidently, the scenery is not spectacular enough for them there, and stopping there would not fill up an hour of programming anyway.

We then see them taking a 12 hour rail journey to Fairbanks, followed by a helicopter flight to their chosen lake, which has to be cleared of heavy snow. (Yes, I know, you could not make it up!)


There is of course the usual whingeing about melting glaciers, but perhaps somebody ought to tell them that Alaskan glaciers began receding in the 18thC:



Or that, as the glaciers melt, geologists are finding the remains of forests dating back to the Middle Ages and Roman times:



In short, Alaska is simply returning to its normal climate prior to the Little Ice Age.


One of course might question how a flight to Alaska, a 12 hour rail journey and a helicopter ride, all for the whole production team, not just the two skaters, could possibly help fight climate change!

But here’s a much more powerful take away message. Throughout the programme, we meet ordinary Alaskan folk going about their everyday lives, global warming or not. Just how the hell could any of them survive in Alaska without fossil fuels?

Solar panels? Not in winter. Wind turbines, which would freeze up for months on end?

But, heh, skating on a lake is much more important than the lives of 730,000 people!


January 3, 2021 at 04:36AM

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