Huge snowfalls in Japan

1 Jan 2021 – Due to the extremely strong cold air of the class seen only once every few years, snow is getting stronger on New Year’s Day, mainly along the mountains on the Sea of ​​Japan side of Niigata Prefecture.

According to the Japan Meteorological Agency, snow is intensifying mainly along the mountains on the Sea of ​​Japan side of Niigata Prefecture, Hokuriku, and Tohoku.

The snowfall at 6 am:
▽ 2 meters (more than 6 ft) at Hijiori, Okura Village, Yamagata Prefecture,
▽ 1 meter 41 cm in Uonuma City, Niigata Prefecture,
▽ It is 1 meter 35 cm in Yokote City, Akita Prefecture.

Snow piles up even on flat ground,
▽ 34 cm (more than 1 ft) in Yamagata City,
▽ 23 cm in Toyama City,
▽ It is 14 cm in Niigata City.

Expected snowfall from morning 1st to morning 2nd

Over the next two days, snow will intensify mainly in Niigata Prefecture, Hokuriku, and the Sea of ​​Japan side of Tohoku, and it is expected that snow will increase even on flat ground.
The amount of snow that falls in the 24 hours until the morning of the 2nd is a lot along the mountains.
▽ 80 cm (more than 2 ft) in Niigata prefecture,
▽ 70 cm on the Sea of ​​Japan side of Tohoku,
▽ 60 cm in Hokuriku, Gifu prefecture, northern Kinki,
▽ 50 cm in Hokkaido,
▽ 40 cm in northeastern Kanto
▽ It is expected to be 30 cm in Nagano prefecture.

Expected snowfall from the morning of the 2nd to the morning of the 3rd

▽ 70 cm to 90 cm (more than 3 ft) in Niigata prefecture,
▽ 40 to 60 cm on the Sea of ​​Japan side of Tohoku and Hokuriku,
▽ 30 cm to 50 cm in Gifu prefecture,
▽ It is expected to be 20 to 40 cm in Hokkaido, Nagano prefecture, northeastern Kanto and northern Kinki.

The Japan Meteorological Agency is wary of the impact on traffic and calls for careful attention to snowfall from roofs, snow accretion on electric wires and trees, avalanches, lightning strikes and gusts.

Be careful of accidents during snowfall,
▽ Be sure to work with two or more people,
▽ Be careful of falling snow from the eaves and falling from the roof, etc.

80 flights  canceled

Due to heavy snowfall, Japan Airlines and All Nippon Airways have decided to cancel 80 domestic flights, mainly flights to and from airports such as Hokkaido, Tohoku, and Hokuriku, and the impact is expected to continue for two days.

Roads closed, train service suspended

According to JR companies, there are sections where driving is suspended due to the influence of snow.
The Yamagata Shinkansen will stop driving between Yamagata Station and Shinjo Station all day long.

Other Shinkansen trains operate as usual from the first train, but depending on how it snows in the future, there may be delays and other effects.
There are places where the timetable is disturbed due to cancellations or delays in some sections of conventional lines in various places.
JR companies are calling for you to check the latest operation information on their websites.
Closed on some sections of the Tohoku Expressway
Due to the influence of snow, some sections of the Tohoku Expressway are closed.
According to the Japan Road Traffic Information Center, as of 7:00 am,
▽ With Akita Expressway
▽ The road is closed on some sections of the Yamagata Expressway.

In addition, chain regulations are enforced in various places.

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