Live Vote flipping in Georgia — sightings of politically biased anti-matter-ballots!

Another day, another fraud big enough to flip a state outcome

All it took was a few minutes, and some cheating political positrons sneaking down a wire, and votes were stolen from Trump and added into the Biden tally.

As in the Climate debate — but so much faster — teams of volunteer analysts and experts are growing organically to crunch the numbers and find the fraud. This should all have been done by the DOJ, the FBI or the CIA. Where were they when their country needed them? Just send their salaries to these unpaid analysts instead.

The volunteers analyzed different datasets from Georgia and found at least 3 instances where the Trump voting total went backwards, an impossible act in the known Democratic universe, and the Biden tally went up by the same amount at the same time.

Apparently, in the Georgia ballot collider, clusters of spontaneous anti-Trump-ballots were generated which went on to neutralize real votes by flipping them to highly unstable Biden votes. These ephemeral votes lasted for an illusory moment, just long enough to fool CNN.

Presumably the paper versions of these votes are now locked in warehouses and will soon be meeting their shredder.


via JoNova

January 4, 2021 at 04:20AM

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