The Rumor that this is One Awesome Sting Operation

This letter below from the Nye County Chairman of the Republican Party, Nevada, is circulating: a full prophesy of Trump’s Most Awesome Win Yet.

I post parts of it here in the spirit that this is:

A great plot for a spy novel. The Christmas wish list of US Conservatives — the innate appeal of a surprise sucker punch to the corruptocrats is exactly what honest people want to hear. That doesn’t make it true. But it is interesting to discuss nonetheless. Maybe a complicated fake story designed to fool Trump fans. A sting about a sting. Perhaps someone wants conservatives to do nothing while they wait “For The Great Rescue”, or to fuel anger later. Possibly a fake story leaked by the Good Guys to scare some confessions or panicked reactions out of some real people.

Any which way, it’s a springboard for speculation about why it is or isn’t likely. If Trump is going to pull this blockbuster feat off, it will have to be in the next few days surely? The true story may be that some of this is real, but the clock may run out. If Lt General McInerney (below) is right, they have Pelosi’s […]

via JoNova

January 10, 2021 at 10:46AM

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