ABC’s News Director Calls for ‘Cleansing the Movement’ Trump Commands

Are you one of the “tens of thousands” already targeted for removal?

As the purge of the President across all platforms on the internet – from social media to hosting and commerce platforms – continues, ABC News Director, Rick Klein, tweeted out that getting rid of a sitting president was the “easy part,” says this article on The hard part, said Klein, was “cleansing the movement he commands.”

The so-called purge has already “grown to include the removal of tens of thousands of Facebook and Twitter accounts of the President’s most ardent supporters.”

“The social media purge – along with the denial of service to President Trump,” the article continues, “has disrupted a sitting president’s ability to directly communicate with a significant portion of the American people leading to question of constitutionality where that service denial is concerned.”

I wonder. Will the purge extend to all of the close to 75 million people who voted for Trump? I certainly hope you stop watching ABC news.

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January 11, 2021 at 05:00PM

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