Provocateurs tried to incite more violence at Capitol Hill but failed

How easy would it be for a couple of hundred provocateurs to attend a rally with nearly a million law abiding citizens and create mayhem?

Why was John Sullivan, a known and violent BLM activist, leading the spearhead of the protest? He was not just in the lead, he was the man who filmed Ashli Babbit’s shooting and death. The Daily Mail even reported this, and accepted that he is a known left wing activist, but “did not specify what exactly brought him there”. What brought him there was evidently the urge to tell Trump Supporters to “Burn Down the building” which they wouldn’t do. John Sullivan was last seen wandering the streets freely, not charged with anything.

Trump supporters did not set fire to anything, they didn’t set off the handy pipe bombs left lying around. They also didn’t shine lazers into the eyes of police officers, destroy any heritage art or historic statues. Even the New York Times reports that “The damage was largely limited to broken glass, busted doors and graffiti….”

But that’s a constitutional crisis. “Impeach him!”

“Your outrage is being manufactured”

Alex Jones, of InfoWars was at the protest. He says the provocateurs hoped […]

via JoNova

January 11, 2021 at 09:01AM

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