Roger Pielke Jr Trashes Latest Junk Science On US Floods

By Paul Homewood



If you want any more evidence that climate science is utterly corrupt, take a look at this latest junk, which Roger Pielke Jr has just trashed:



In fact, just look at the 1988-2017 segment again, and you will notice that the slight upward trend is solely due to the outlying year of 2005, which you will of course recall was the year of Katrina. The flooding of New Orleans was principally due to the failure of the levees and the fact that the city lies below sea level, and therefore tells up zip all about climate trends.

Indeed, without Katrina, the trend is clearly downwards.

The paper also includes this chart:

So it’s been getting wetter in the US since 1928. But this is hardly surprising, given that severe droughts were widespread and long lasting in the 1930s and 50s. Increased rainfall is, in other words, a good thing on the whole, and it does not automatically follow that flooding is worse as a result.


But climate scientists are not interested in an objective analysis of the facts. They merely want to keep the climate gravy train rolling:




January 13, 2021 at 04:24AM

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