Timeline of Jan 6

1:11pm President Trump completed his speech at the Ellipse. Music continues to play. The rally attendees listening until the end of the Trump speech (as one would expect from the most hard-core Trump supporters) would start arriving to the Capitol building at 1:50pm.

The timing on the tweets is likely rendered according to your time zone.

In reference to the tweets from the Dem Congresspersons, bear in mind that they have been receiving information from the media, not only reporting what they witnessed or expected to happen.


Selected Tweets arranged by Time

The time of the above tweet from Ted Lieu is 12:51 pm, Jan 6, 2021 (for the reference)

This photo and words suggest that he knew the script. There was no real world  danger  or appearance of danger at that time. It seems that Sen. Mark Warner was acting according to a script. He also had a photographer to memorialize this moment.

Senate is still in session, although some buildings have been evacuated.

He did that, but the Big Tech deleted that call.

Apparently, Joe Biden did not participate in the putsch. He was not allowed because of the mental illness.

From Jan 5, talking about a coup

Rep. Elissa Slotkin is a “Former Acting Assistant Secretary of Defense, CIA analyst“.

Also, look how the Capitol police walked the Congressional staff on January 6 – with their hands up (per WaPo, Jan 6):

Not a putsch? Not by or with participation of the Capitol police?

Work in progress 

via Science Defies Politics


January 18, 2021 at 01:07PM

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