You can use tonic water to fight Covid-19, says reader

Any medical professional out there who would like to weigh in on this?

You can use tonic water to fight Covid-19

Clyde Mason

You don’t have to get a prescription for hydroxychloroquine… that’s a pro-drug form of chloroquine, which is a non-enzymatically bio-activated form of quinine.

And you can get quinine from your local supermarket… Indian tonic water in the US contains a maximum 83 mg / l.

That’s the same stuff used to make gin and tonic. It was originally used to combat malaria in India, and the British colonizers at the time added gin to cut the bitter taste, giving us gin and tonic. I prefer the orange-flavored tonic water, but I find the lime-flavored tonic water to be extremely foul. I never did like lime flavor. There’s lemon flavor, too, but I don’t like lemon, either.

83 mg / day (1 liter per day) of Indian tonic water is enough to give you approximately 50% reduction in infectability, allowing your immune system to clear the virus without also dealing with a rapidly spreading infection.

In the body, since HCQ and CQ are broken down into quinine, it’s the quinine which is the active ingredient anyway… it’s just that CQ and HCQ are more-complex molecules, and take longer to break down, allowing longer dosage schedules. Quinine half-life is ~18 hours in the body, so I drank 500 ml of tonic water in the morning, and 500 ml at night.

If you’re taking it for prophylactic purposes, it takes ~5 days for the quinine to build up to the point that your body is excreting as much as you’re taking in.

Quinine inhibits the ACE2 enzymatic pathway by which the virus can attach to and infect cells. There’s a variant of the virus which can also use the TMPRSS2 enzymatic pathway (that’s why some of the HCQ trials didn’t work very well… to get full protection against that virus variant, you have to inhibit both enzymatic pathways), so if you’re using quinine prophylactically and you still get sick, go to your doctor to get a TMPRSS2 inhibitor such as camostat mesylate.

It works. I got the virus variant that could only use the ACE2 enzymatic pathway, and was over it in 2 days with only minor symptoms… it wasn’t even as bad as a mild cold.

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