Time’s Up, Matt!!

By Paul Homewood

h/t Joe Public/Robin Guenier


Time’s up Matt!!!





Now, of course, the absurd Matt McGrath has his new white hope!


US Special Envoy on climate change John Kerry has said the country will now push for rapid action after four years of "reckless behaviour" under Donald Trump.

Mr Kerry said that withdrawing the US from the Paris agreement had threatened people’s futures all over the world.

One of President Biden’s first acts following his inauguration was to re-apply to join the climate pact.

Mr Kerry said the US would now move forward with "humility and ambition".

And this year’s climate meeting in Glasgow would be the "last, most important opportunity" to make progress, he said.

He was speaking remotely to a meeting in Italy of the B20 – a forum for the global business community to make their views known to the G20 group of countries.

A former presidential candidate, Mr Kerry has long been a powerful voice in climate politics. As President Obama’s Secretary of State he played a key role in securing the Paris agreement in 2015.

"I think we have to move from those dirty options much faster. Some countries are funding coal-fired power plants around the world, some countries are planning to bring increased coal-fired power online. So my plea to everybody is that we have to reach a much faster path of decarbonisation, it is doable."



Could this be the same Paris Agreement that allowed all developing countries, including China and India, to open as many coal power plants as they wanted?

Does he really believe they will pay the slightest attention to him next time around?



January 22, 2021 at 04:36AM

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