2011 explanation CCP hostility to Australia

Last month I blogged – Timeline of CCP attacks on Australia from 2008
The 2011 book Energy Security 2.0 is available at Art of Victory as a 3.5Mb pdf (scroll down right hand side)
Chapter VII By Yossef Bodansky – is titled – Energy: the Driver of the Grand Strategy of the PRC
I have copied and pasted Ch VII below and will work through removing paste errors and “bolding” text that hits me as explaining our current issues with China.

Energy: the Driver of the Grand Strategy of the PRC
By Yossef Bodansky
THE RISING ECONOMIC AND STRATEGIC power of the People’s Republic of China(PRC) is clearly the key dynamic of Indo-Pacific and Eurasian geopolitics for the coming decade, and the PRC’s focus on fossil fuels as an integral component and priority of this grand strategy will drive both energy markets and security issues for much of the world in the coming decade and more. In 2009-10, the PRC was at a crucial junction in its historic ascent as a global strategic power, an ascent which be-

gan meaningfully in the aftermath of the collapse of the Soviet Union some two decades earlier. There were two major milestones in the evolution of the PRC’s post-Cold War grand strategy. The first phase ensued from the analysis by the PRC’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA) of the collapse of the Soviet Union, the then-nascent US-led globalization, the shape of hi-tech wars as demonstrated in the US-led Operation Desert Storm against Iraq (1990-91), and the trauma of the PRC’s own Tiananmen Square confrontation (1989).
These issues were studied in the context of Beijing’s resolve to surge as a global hegemon (an historic term of the early Imperial era revived by the contemporary Chinese Communist
Party) and fill the global vacuum created by the end of the Cold War.
Starting in the early-1990s, the PRC’s High Command carefully studied the military aspects of the implementation of the forthcoming strategic surge. The conclusions were presented in a June 1993 textbook of the PLA High Command called Can the Chinese Army Win the Next War?

via Errors in IPCC climate science


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