Scottish Government has ‘no plan B’ and reliant on ‘unproven technology’ to hit climate targets 

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All these political climate fantasies will get rumbled in the end. The cracks between the ‘ambitions’ and reality just keep getting wider, and that’s not just the SNP in Scotland, it’s everywhere you look.
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EXPERTS have warned the Scottish Government’s strategy for hitting ambitious climate targets by 2030 is based on “wishful thinking” amid fears there is no plan B in the event untested technology cannot be scaled up, says The Herald (via Latest News Post).

Scottish Government ministers have published their climate change update after MSPs pledged to reduce 1990 levels of carbon emissions by 75 per cent by 2030 on the way to becoming carbon neutral by 2045.

But experts have raised concerns that using carbon capture and storage (CCS) and negative emissions technology (NET) to decarbonise heavy industry such as the oil and gas sector are not based on evidence it can be done in time.

Dr Rachel Howell, lecturer in sociology and sustainable development at Edinburgh University, told Holyrood’s Environment, Climate Change and Land Reform Committee that she was “very, very concerned about the reliance on negative emissions technologies”.

She added: “The justification that’s given for this is that we know this is important because of detailed modelling – that isn’t evidence that it is going to be possible to meet the targets for negative emissions technologies by the dates set.

“That looks to me as if scenarios have been examined and there has been concern about the fact that the plans and policies for actually reducing emissions through other kinds of technologies and behaviour change don’t meet the necessary targets – so people have said ‘right we’re going to need NET’.”

Dr Howell called on MSPs to “press the Scottish Government on its evidence that it will actually be possible to roll out NETs at scale”, stressing that there is “no capacity in the UK at all at the moment” for CCS technology.

Full article here.

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January 26, 2021 at 01:33PM

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