BBC Hype Climate Poll, That Goebbels Would Have Been Proud Of!

By Paul Homewood


h/t Philip Bratby/Robin Guenier/Vernon E




Despite the pandemic, almost two thirds of people around the world now view climate change as a global emergency.

That’s the key finding from the largest opinion poll yet conducted on tackling global warming.

More than a million people in 50 countries took part in the survey, with almost half the participants aged between 14 and 18.

Conserving forests and land emerged as the most popular solution for tackling the issue.


I don’t really think we need to read any further!

Half of the participants under 18 years old? Since when did we allow schoolchildren to decide how we run the world?

Worse still, what the BBC forgot to mention is that the poll was conducted by a mobile telephone app, making the results inevitably skewed and worthless.

And this statement sums up how badly informed (and misinformed!) most respondents are:


Obviously we never use to have wildfires and hurricanes!

As we know, of course, opinion polls can easily be designed to give the results you want, as the Survey Methodology proves:



Mobile gaming networks? Give me a break.

As for the “big question”, you might just as well ask them if Christmas is a good idea.


It is meaningless to conduct any poll without putting the questions into perspective. Only last year, the LSE carried out a poll of the British public, finding that a vast majority believed climate change was happening:



But when asked to rate how concerned they were about it, most people put in last or next to last place, alongside seven other issues:



If the BBC puts such great store in opinion polls, maybe they should abolish the licence fee, which polls consistently show is opposed by a large majority of the British public!


January 27, 2021 at 06:00AM

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