The fightback begins

The Tech-Giant-Dem Shock and Awe campaign caught mainstream America off guard and unprepared for the new regime of censorship and Psy-ops. Parler is still fighting for survival, and barely exists. But the fight-back is taking form. Two Democrats have now said they will not allow the Filibuster rules to change. Today, only 5 Republicans supported the Democrat impeachment and a Federal Judge has issued a restraining order against the Biden administrations demands that violent criminals bound for deportation be released into the community instead.

Plus a grassroots response: activists start protesting Cancel Culture at the Bed Bath and Beyond Store, by filling trolleys then abandoning them with notes explaining that they are boycotting the shopping chain until they restock the MyPillow products that were cancelled purely because the CEO is a Trump supporter.

Imagine if 70 million Trump voters spent a half hour this week doing something to Save America. How fast would the medieval Cancel Culture get put back in it’s box?

Don’t just sit there.

Impeaching the impeachment. Looks like Trump will be acquitted.

Rand Paul called for a vote on whether the Impeachment is even constitutional, and showed that the Democrats have little chance in convicting Donald […]

via JoNova

January 26, 2021 at 11:37PM

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