DC intimidates witnesses of Jan 6 events

There were only fourteen arrests made inside the Capitol building, on January 6. In the following days, DC authorities started an unprecedented witch-hunt, threatening to arrest hundreds of people. Not only individuals inside of the Capitol building, but people standing outside on the Capitol steps and even on the lawn, have been accused of committing crime (Yahoo News). The unhinged acting DC federal prosecutor, Michael Sherwin, announced that possible charges against members of the public would range from unlawful entry to conspiracy and sedition. Unnecessary to say, that over the last years Democrats encouraged rioting in and around the Capitol building, and their rioters got away with slaps on the wrist.

The intent of the current witch-hunt is to intimidate witnesses (countless of them have already stated, on record, that Trump rally goers were peaceful, respectful, and had no intentions of violence), and to drum up false accusations against Trump supporters.

According to multiple videos, the police had willingly allowed crowds to enter the Capitol building. The lawn of the Capitol Building is normally available to the public. However, on January 6, the Pelosi police installed a mock barrier on the lawn (and physically assaulted Trump rally goers who bumped into it). Now it claims that passing by the line of that barrier was a crime.

The police have enormous amounts of information from these events, captured by countless security cameras as well as cameras carried by the visitors and Democrat provocateurs. Nevertheless, the police reached out to Big Tech for more information. This suggests that DC authorities are cherry picking suspects. By the way, Facebook (probably not alone) was glad to oblige, and provided more information than usual.

The citizens of DC voted for Biden and against Trump at a ratio of 17:1 (92.1% for Biden vs 5.4% for Trump). These percentages are even farther apart than they were in 2016. This is population from which juries will be selected for indictments and trials on allegations of misconduct in and around the Capitol building. It is highly probable that all trial jurors would be prejudiced against Trump supporters. DC judges are also not known for their political impartiality.

via Science Defies Politics


January 29, 2021 at 02:43PM

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