Wokeyleaks — the shallow sickness and obsession of the fameroise

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Nice. A weapon against the SJW phenomenon

As I have said from the beginning: virtue signaling is primarily driven by the need to “Impress people at Dinner Parties”. Money matters, but status matters even more so. (What do people spend all that money on — gaining status…) Popping this phenomenon is a “must have” on the bucket list of rescuing civilizations and here it is — a nice new pointy social tool.

They/Them is an insider voice from the glitterati elite who got fed up with the emptiness and hypocrisy of the uber famous game and is whistleblowing on the shallow self interest that drives the virtue signalers. These are the celebrity SJW’s who pretend to care about the downtrodden while they send each other selfies on high tech boxes made by slaves in china. What They/Them is doing is not just exposing the hypocrisy, and adding a new vocabulary — like the Fameoisie — but also opening a safe path for those trapped in the bubble to start that conversation. Right now, bullying and fear keep them silent. They/Them is planting a seed. I’ll explain more […]

via JoNova


February 3, 2021 at 04:02AM

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