Chinese Cyberwarfare attack on the US election — Mike Lindell Video

The biggest attack in history

For those without much time, watch from 1 hour 36 mins where Mary Fanning goes through the Forensic evidence to show the logs of foreign interference. It shows the timestamp, the IP, the attempts, which county and the ID of the computer they broke into, how many votes were switched, the method used, and whether there was a firewall intrusion. There are thousands of pages of documentation of foreign intrusion. Fully 66% of the attacks or intrusions are coming from China, for Hauwei, Cloud service, Alibaba, China Unicom, U cloud, China mobile T-tong, From Iran as well.

Details of “vote adjustments” done by foreign IP addresses.

Unless someone went out there faking up thousands of pages of details, this is warfare.

It totals the vote totals switch from Donald Trump and suggests he won 80 million votes compared to 68 million for Joe Biden.

Intrusions mostly came from China but also from the middle East, Iran, and Eastern Europe.

There was a lot of foreign “help” for voters in Michigan and Georgia who clearly didn’t know how to vote correctly.

That movie is on his site:


via JoNova

February 6, 2021 at 12:00AM

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