Mayor defends coal mine after ex-NASA scientist’s criticism

An artist’s impression of the proposed Woodhouse Colliery (Credit: West Cumbria Mining)

Another Green dreamer forgot that producing wind turbines means using lots of steel, forged in fiery furnaces. That won’t change any time soon.
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THE mayor of Copeland has hit out after a former NASA scientist criticised plans to build a new coal mine in West Cumbria, reports the Whitehaven News.

In a letter to Prime Minister Boris Johnson, leading climate scientist Dr James Hansen said that failure to stop the mine from going ahead at Whitehaven would be in “contemptuous disregard” for the future of young people and nature.

But mayor Mike Starkie called Dr Hansen’s views “completely irrelevant.”

He said: “I don’t know why anybody is writing headlines about it. He’s not even in this country. They have enough problems with climate change in America without forming uninformed opinions on projects here.

“I think his views are completely irrelevant. It is just the protestors looking for something to jump on. I wouldn’t have give it the time of day.”

Dr Hansen warned the prime minister he risks “humiliation” if the plans are not stopped.

In his letter, he said: “In leading the UK, as host to the Cop (climate change conference), you have a chance to change the course of our climate trajectory, earning the UK and yourself historic accolades.

“Or you can stick with business-almost-as-usual and be vilified in the streets of Glasgow, London, and around the world.

“It would be easy to achieve this latter ignominy and humiliation.

“Just continue with the plan to open a new coal mine in Cumbria and continue to invest funds of the British public in fossil fuel projects overseas, in contemptuous disregard of the future of young people and nature.”

But Mr Starkie said the coal mine was necessary for future green developments.

He continued: “As far as this country goes, I think we’re leading the way in climate change and green projects.

“For any new green sources of energy, we’re going to need steel – and lots of it.

“There’s no alternative method of producing steel other than coking coal. It’s better it is made here, in a modern mine, than shipping it from around the world.

“My view is really, if he’s wanting to make a difference on climate change, he should be lobbying politicians in his own country.”

Full report here.

via Tallbloke’s Talkshop

February 6, 2021 at 10:30AM

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