Mann Overboard: Reptiles to the Rescue

Here’s a few choice quotes from Michael Mann’s new book: The New Climate War: 

P2 Joined by billionaire plutocrats like the Koch brothers, the Mercers, the Scaifes, companies such as ExxonMobil funneled billions of dollars into a disinformation campaign beginning in the late 1980s, working to discredit the science behind human-caused climate change and its linkage with fossil-fuel burning.

P3 Decades later, thanks to that campaign, we are now witnessing the devastating effects of unchecked climate change. We see them played out in the daily news cycle, on our television screens, in our newspaper headlines, and in our social media feeds. Coastal inundation, withering heat waves and droughts, devastating floods, raging wildfires: this is the face of dangerous climate change. It’s a face that we increasingly recognise.

You’ll note a couple of unreferenced lies already: The “billions” only exist in a paper by Brulle that added up all the money the Kochs etc. give to all the projects they fund, anytime on any subject. Bezos & co., on the other hand, do give billions. The claim that we can see devastating effects of unchecked climate change on social media feeds could do with fact checking by those same social media.

But Mann only really gets into his stride on page 4:

Using online bots and trolls, manipulating social media and Internet search engines, the enemy has deployed the sort of cyber-weaponry honed during the 2016 US presidential election. They are the same tactics that gave us a climate-change-denying US president in Donald Trump. Malice, hatred, jealousy, fear, rage, bigotry, all of the most base, reptilian brain impulses – corporate polluters and their allies have waged a campaign to tap into all of that seeking to sow division within the climate movement while generating fear and outrage on the part of their “base” – the disaffected right.

I’ll keep adding to this as and when I can, so all you reptilian-brained bots and trolls can copy and paste and continue the good work of sowing division. And don’t forget to add a dose of malice, hatred, jealousy, fear, rage, and bigotry.

Like this:

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via Climate Scepticism

February 17, 2021 at 04:47AM

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