Australia descends into farce

As we shambled into 2021 the PM seemed to be cruising towards an early election against a divided opposition and this week started with Gov news that “The Eagle has Landed” meaning the first batch of the Pfizer vaccine has arrived.
Now in less than a week we are a global laughing stock following ongoing revelations about an alleged rape in the early hours of 23Mar2019 during a drunken escapade in the Parliament House office of the Defence Minister. How the pair of highly paid privileged staffers got through security on a weekend visibly affected by alcohol is yet to be fully explained. The PM claims he first learnt of this two year old saga of secrecy known by so many, only days ago and he has initiated inquiries and reviews amid widespread scepticism that he should have known earlier. Yesterday we had the Defence Minister blubbering in the Senate unable to answer questions.
I also saw news that the GovGeneral’s staff have been doing a “Privilege Walk” – one step forward if you catch a bus – one step backward if you drove your car. The expression – “you could not make this stuff up” comes to mind.
Then we have Facebook cancelling links to many Australian Gov www sites leading to many politicians hyperventilating. You would think the internet did not exist. FB & Google have never paid fair tax here and recently Gov has been trying to get them to pay media orgs for Oz news content that the digital giants make a mega-$motza from.
In the middle of this news breaks that a group of Nationals favour developing nuclear power and I heard of a surprising number of Liberals who want a move towards including nuclear in our energy mix.
While I favour nuclear power (and Australia having “the bomb”) I realise that Green, NIMBY, State Govs and Indigenous issues would likely stymie any moves towards nuclear power plants.
Meanwhile our water bureaucrats are firmly anti-dam. Let’s see how our talkative PM extracts his prospects.

via Errors in IPCC climate science

February 18, 2021 at 05:08PM

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