Bill Gates on Climate Change: All the Coral and Trees will Die

h/t Dr. Willie Soon; According to Bill Gates, if we don’t mend our evil ways the equator will be uninhabitable, except when temperate regions will freeze, and forests and coral reefs will die.

Losing time against climate disaster

 Juan Siliezar
Harvard Staff Writer
DATE February 24, 2021

“There are points at which when the corals die off, they never come back,” Gates said. “This is acidifying the ocean, and all the aqua ecosystems die off as that acid level goes up. As forests dry out, they are subject to both fires and infestations that kill all the trees, so you get a lot less trees. As the sea level goes up, the beaches go away.”

Without changes in global practices, “It’s going to be essentially unlivable at the Equator by the end of the century… [leading to] the instability of hundreds of millions of people trying to get out of those regions where a lot of the world’s population is, and particularly the poorest in the world,” he said.

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Poor Bill. For what its worth I think he really does care, but it seems like he is suffering in a hellish prison composed of his own ignorance.

Why do we know Bill is wrong about the corals dying and trees all burning away, and the equator becoming uninhabitably hot, if we release a little anthropogenic CO2?

Because none of this happened last time CO2 levels were slightly elevated.

Paleo-climatologists know that far from being abnormally warm, the world is currently enduring the Quaternary Glaciation, a period of unusual cold which started 2.58 million years ago. Only four other comparable ages have been identified in the entire paleo-climate record.

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February 26, 2021 at 12:24PM

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