Is Mother Nature trying to tell us something?

Questions that need to be answered.


Is Mother Nature trying to tell us something?

Lyn Jenkins

Questions that need to be answered:

[1] WHAT caused the Mediaeval Warm Period circa AD 1000 when the Vikings were able to FARM much, much more of Greenland? It was not MAN that caused that “global warming”, was it?

[2] WHAT caused the warming of the Roman period in Britain, [ first century AD ] when grapes were grown as far north as York [ in Yorkshire, Northern England] . Grapes cannot be grown up there today. It wasn’t MAN !

[3] WHAT caused the “Little Ice Age” in the time of Charles Dickens, when the River Thames through London used to freeze so hard every winter that they could hold ICE FAIRS on the actual ice of the river? The Thames does not freeze now……..and MAN did not cause it in the 19th century ! Volcanic activity may have assisted natural solar cycles.

[4] On December 10th 2020 , the UK Meteorological Office [ official UK Govt Met Office] announced that snow will soon be a thing of the past in Lowland Britain , south of about Scotland.

Meanwhile, in 2021, we have had widespread snow and the coldest January for 10 years ……and the lowest UK temperature , MINUS 23 Celsius, for 25 YEARS! That was recorded in Braemar in Scotland in February.

Is Mother Nature trying to tell us something?

Wind turbines need 15 mph winds to generate ANYTHING of use. They are at their optimum output around 35 to 45 mph. If wind is gusting at about 55 mph, they can cut out to prevent damage.

After a strong wind, there is often no wind, because wind is really an equalisation of air pressure. Wind blows from high to low.

In the UK , land-based wind turbines with an installed capacity of 2 megawatts [MW] only generate 25 per cent or 0.5MW ON AVERAGE !

Check to view UK wind energy output around the clock. In 2020 , the UK wind energy TOTAL was as low as 95MW on one day last summer.

How on Earth can these unreliable, part-time machines POWER THE UK……AND ALL OF ITS CARS?

Greenies….and politicians…want to cease fossil fuel sourced electricity and power everything in the UK from renewables! How is that possible?

Even crazier….. they want to scrap UK manufacture of diesel and gasoline engine cars by 2030 and want to ONLY produce Electric cars! That is also impossible because there are 40 million vehicles in UK. 40 million EVs charged at 5kW would need 200 ,000,000 kWh over 8 hours charging to travel 150 miles per day.[ Based on Nissan Leaf]

So if they only averaged a QUARTER of that mileage, 37.5 miles a day, the 40 million EVs would STILL need 200,000 megawatts for 2 hours charging at a rate of 5kW, wouldn’t they? Plus most people would want to charge in the 6 hours from 6pm to midnight. They would CRASH the National Grid!

Yet the UK National Grid only averages 6000MW from wind energy at any one time.. So , if we shut fossil fuel power stations, how can the WIND power all our UK cars, PLUS homes PLUS offices, PLUS factories, PLUS hospitals, PLUS hotels, PLUS restaurants……when UK wind AVERAGES 6000MW a day…..and can be as low as 95MW??

HOW IS IT POSSIBLE ?? Can SOMEONE please explain??

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March 1, 2021 at 02:21PM

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