A Thought for the Day

As someone schooled in quantum physics, I’d always looked down on climatologists such as Michael Mann. The sort of shenanigans that he and his ilk would engage in, I assumed, could not be found in the hallowed halls of a ‘hard science’ such as physics. But how wrong I was. Today, Microsoft scientists have had to retract a paper published in Nature back in 2018, in which they had announced a startling breakthrough in quantum computing:


Apparently, the authors have had to admit to ‘insufficient scientific rigour’. According to the above article:

“Their errors included:

• having ‘unnecessarily corrected’ some of the data and not having made this clear

• mislabelling a graph, making it misleading”

Mmm. This sounds familiar somehow. At least the physicists had the integrity to finally admit to their Nature trickery, unlike some I could mention.

The delicious irony here is that quantum computers are seen by the BBC as a vital weapon in the war against climate change:

“The prize for whoever builds a commercial quantum computer that can solve real-world problems such as tackling climate change will be huge.”

Alternatively, the problem might benefit from a few more Nature papers being retracted.

It’s just a thought.

Like this:

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via Climate Scepticism


March 9, 2021 at 10:27AM

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