DeSantis Vindicated

Florida’s death rate per thousand is 50 percent lower than New York’s even though DeSantis opened up Florida as quickly as possible.


In an opinion piece today in Newsweek, Jonathan Tobin points out the contrast between the way New York Governor Andrew Cuomo handled the Covid-19 issue as opposed to how Florida Governor Ron DeSantis addressed it tells us more than a simple story about the declining circumstances of one and the rising star of the other.

“Even publications like The New York Times are grudgingly admitting that the data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention show that the difference between Cuomo’s adherence to more stringent lockdowns and DeSantis’ impulse to open up as quickly as possible do not support the conclusion that the former yielded better results,” Tobin admits.

50 percent lower

“To the contrary, Florida’s death rate per thousand is 50 percent lower than that of New York despite having a population that is, on average, much older and therefore more vulnerable to contagion.”

“Florida did not emerge unscathed from the ordeal,” says Tobin. “But the point about the statistics is that DeSantis’ record was not worse than those of the Democratic governors who ordered far more drastic lockdowns and stuck with them long after it was clear they weren’t sparing their states from the pandemic’s vicissitudes.”

Fleeing Californians and New Yorkers moving to Florida

“By opening up his state as quickly as possible and keeping it open despite the urgings of Fauci and others to re-impose lockdowns last fall, Florida’s economy has emerged from the nightmare in better shape than other large states and, according to DeSantis, has also led to a population ingress from fleeing Californians and New Yorkers.”

I’m certainly glad that I now live in Texas, which has now opened up 100 percent.

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March 9, 2021 at 12:12PM

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