India Ignores John Kerry

By Paul Homewood


Harrabin strikes again!



US climate change envoy John Kerry has urged the world’s top 20 polluters which create 81% of emissions between them to reduce CO2 immediately.

He was speaking after meeting Prime Minister Boris Johnson and other senior UK figures in London to plan two upcoming international climate summits.

He praised the UK for phasing out coal, and for its "ambitious" climate goals.

But he told BBC Newsnight that the UK – along with other major nations – must deliver their proposed emissions cuts.

"China, the US, Russia, India, the EU, Korea, Japan and others all have to be part of this effort," he said. "Twenty countries. Eighty one percent of the emissions."

Asked during the interview whether the UK should be planning a controversial new coal mine in Cumbria, he replied: "The marketplace has made a decision that coal is not the future.

"All over the world people have made a decision to move to cleaner fuel than coal, which is the dirtiest fuel in the world. In America and elsewhere …most banks will tell you we’re not going to fund a new coal plant."


Meanwhile back in the real world:



NEW DELHI: State-run Coal India Ltd (CIL) has approved 32 mining projects in the current financial year till January, which may see investment to the tune of around Rs 47,300 crore as the company seeks to replace imports and move towards its 1 billion tonne coal production target by 2023-34.

While 24 of the 32 are an expansion of the existing projects, the rest eight are new greenfield projects. “Scripting a record high…CIL approved 32 coal mining projects in the current fiscal till January 2021,” the PSU said. CIL board and boards of the respective subsidiary companies have given their nod for the move
The combined incremental peak capacity of these projects is projected at 193 million tonnes per annum (mtpa). 

CIL’s three subsidiaries South Eastern Coalfields, Central Coalfields and Mahanadi Coalfields with 167 mtpa form the bulk at 86.5 per cent. This will be in addition to the already sanctioned capacity of 303.5 mtpa. India’s coal users imported a record 248.5 million tons of the fuel in FY20. The miner has lined up a total investment of about Rs 92,000 crore for its coal projects with an aim to achieve one billion production target  which include likely investment in coal evacuation infrastructure, mining infrastructure, project development and social infrastructure. However, CIL is also coming up with an estimated likely investment of about Rs 1.26 lakh crore involving 506 projects which include likely investment in clean coal and diversification initiatives.

To put these numbers into perspective, the sanctioned projects totalling 167 and 303 Mtpa, making 470 Mt, compare to India’s current coal output of 756 Mtpa. As the article states, the plan is to reach 1 billion tonnes by 2024.

A crore is 10 million, so Rs 92000 crore equates to roughly £9bn.


Cumbria Mine

The interviewer, Emily Maitlis, plainly attempted to draw Kerry into influencing the Cumbrian mine decision, something that would be totally improper for a US politician:

Asked during the interview whether the UK should be planning a controversial new coal mine in Cumbria,

Maybe she should have explained to him that it is a metallurgical coal mine, for making coke and not burning in power stations. It is clear that Kerry knew nothing about it all, no doubt to the disgust of the BBC who have been treating it as if it were some global calamity, as he obviously did not know it was for coking. If he had, he would have had to admit that the US is still producing and exporting millions of tonnes of the stuff every year. Indeed, last year 800,000 tonnes of it came straight here!




Kerry knows full well that there is no practical alternative to the use of coke in iron and steelmaking.

Maybe he should tell Roger Harrabin!


March 10, 2021 at 09:48AM

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