Net Zero FOI

By Paul Homewood


 I FOI’d the BEIS for detail about their Net Zero plans. They refused to give me their costings (which of course have subsequently been released to the GWPF), but their reply did include some useful titbits.


Heat Pumps

I asked for their costings, and they sent me this:




An 8KW unit would be typical for an average semi, but the comment at the bottom is noteworthy. If you want to be able to heat your house as you do now, you will either need to replace your radiators, which pushes the cost up to £14750. Or buy a more powerful heat pump, which is likely to end up costing the same.

Fitting underfloor heating of course will also be hugely disruptive, and may involve extra costs such as for carpets. Extra insulation, almost certainly needed, will cost much more still.



They also sent me this:




The CCC assumptions below would be consistent with the higher end of the govt’s costs, so we can reasonably assume around £65bn.(Although the CCC did point out their costs did not include scaffolding or planning, which could add another few billion.

EPC C is not a particularly demanding standard, so fuel savings would be tiny, maybe of the order of £800 million annually, which certainly would not justify spending upwards of £65bn.



Carbon Capture

They admit they have no idea how much this could potentially cost:





They have also given me some detailed information regarding hydrogen rollout, which I need time to digest.


March 17, 2021 at 01:18PM

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