Woke Owners Want to Cancel Crusader from Express

By Paul Homewood


I revealed a few weeks ago how the Daily Express’ new Green Campaign has been instigated by its left wing, remainer, labour supporting editor, appointed after the takeover by the left wing, remain, Labour supporting Daily Mirror Group.

Unsurprisingly his appointment is the thin end of the edge:


From Guido:




Reach, the renamed Trinity Mirror group, which owns the Express is holding a “brand review” of the Express conducted by a consulting company. Express employees have been interviewed in pairs about their views on the paper and website. On a few occasions the Joint interviewer announced himself as a North London Guardian reader.

In a lot of the consultations employees were asked about the famous Crusader symbol and whether it should go. It’s not been a secret that the woke management of Reach hate the symbol almost as much as they hate the politics of the Express. It is an old management trick to get consultants in to blame for recommending a change you wanted to make anyway. It appears the Crusader could be axed after 92 years from the masthead…

This is part of a culture war in Reach and a war of attrition on the Express internally since it was bought up after the then Trinity Mirror assured then culture secretary Matt Hancock that they would not interfere in the politics of the Express.

Full story here.


All of this is of course part of the long term progressive take over of our media. Even the Daily Mail has gone the same way.



March 19, 2021 at 04:30PM

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