West Burton Coal Plant To Close Next Year

By Paul Homewood




EDF Energy has announced plans to shut down its last remaining coal-fired power station in the UK – as it eyes a larger contribution from nuclear to meet the country’s electricity needs.

The French company said the West Burton A plant, near Retford in Nottinghamshire, would be decommissioned from September 2022 – two years ahead of a government climate-based ambition for an end to coal-based power generation.

The current deadline is October 2025 but that appears set to be brought forward by 12 months.

EDF said the site, which houses four 500-megawatt capacity coal units, would stay open for the next 18 months only to meet its agreed commitments to the grid.



So another 2GW of reliable power is to disappear from the grid.

West Burton is, by the way, on one of my regular biking circuits, which also includes the nearby Cottam coal power station, closed a couple of years ago. Neither location is in any way “dirty”, a myth commonly perpetrated about coal power.



March 22, 2021 at 10:24AM

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