The case for hunter recruitment (ft. Jake Latendresse)

“We did not realize how powerful that was going to be…It almost felt like people felt like they owned the Town Pump or something based on memories they had.” — Jake Latendresse 

In Episode 159 of District of Conservation, Gabriella chats with Jake Latendresse— owner of Latendresse Media CollectivePrairie Rock Outfitters, and the Town Pump Restaurant and Bar in Ft. Collins, CO.

Here’s a brief bio:

Jake Latendresse is the owner and executive producer of Latendresse Media. Jake works tirelessly into the night and wakes up early in the morning. He hits the ground running and doesn’t seem to have an OFF button, which started when he was a young hunter.

His childhood was filled with outdoor adventures, but he also expressed himself with art at a very young age. He often spent time drawing or painting wildlife and nature, creating work that was beyond his years.

Now that life requires a job, he has integrated his love of being in the woods with his artistic expression through photography and film. He looks at life like everyone has a story, while he and his cameras travel the world capturing one story at a time.

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Photo Credit: Zoom/Gabriella Hoffman


March 29, 2021 at 03:22PM

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