ScoMo Gov path to doom

It is ironic that the above crystallizes to near certainty at Easter with crucifixion analogies and on 1st Apr.
In view of the crescendo of attacks yesterday on the Feds by Qld & NSW over slow vacc rates it looks clearer now that all the States have been antagonistic towards the Feds dating back over a year now. Motormouth Morrison has been a slow learner maintaining a public fiction that “at least we get on well with NSW”. Anybody watching news yesterday could be disgusted that on such a serious issue as vaccination and at a time of flood disaster relief our various layers of Gov can not make an effort to cooperate delivering for Australians. Instead grabbing the opportunity to dissemble and weave a web of changing lies about why they are withholding vaccs to add to attacks on the hapless Morrison Gov who are indeed beset from all sides.
If I had cartooning skills I would be thinking of the ScoMo Gov deep in a shellhole in enemy territory surrounded on all sides by their enemies – China, States, ABC, activist women, Eurozone holding back Oz vaccs, anti-damists, climate emergency, anti-coal, anti-gas, country shopper and extinction rebellion advocates, NZ PM at times. I am sure there are more.

via Errors in IPCC climate science

March 31, 2021 at 05:37PM

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