Cascades snow depth running 109% to 167% of normal

SNOQUALMIE PASS, Wash — Skiers and snowboarders arrived Monday to fresh snow at Snoqualmie Summit.

“During different times this season it has been the number one snow pack in the county – currently it’s over 600 inches (50 feet)at the top of Alpental,” said Guy Lawrence, general manager at Summit at Snoqualmie. Fifty feet! That’s the height of a 5-story building!

And that will continue growing, because more spring snow is expected.

“Next week we’re probably going to get a couple of systems that will bring snow to the higher elevations in the Cascades,” said Nick Bond, a professor at the University of Washington and a state climatologist.

The snowpack in the Cascades is enormous. On the west side of the Cascades, the water content in the snow is running from 128-169% above the median amount as of Thursday, forecasters said. Snow depth amounts were 109 to 167% of normal. Snoqualmie Pass is about 4 feet above normal while it’s over 5 feet above normal at Mt. Rainier’s Paradise Ranger Station.

Thanks to Oly for these links

“Over fifty feet of snow right now an hour east of Seattle where they just banned NG in new construction because global warming,” says Oly.

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April 1, 2021 at 01:54PM

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