Churning out a million little political activists

Indoctrination starts right in school

One Damon Gameau has a created a kind of fairy fantasyland movie of a cheesy-chirping renewable world called 2040 and it’s being played in our schools.

It taps into the primal longing for a simple pure fantasy world where all recycling is good, there is never any rubbish, nothing is wasted, and everyone wants to help. Sing Ye O Lordy for a Binary world of Good and Evil, (and maths that never uses bigger numbers than 0 and 1). A land of plenty, where children know all the answers, and no one ever has to do a cost-benefit analysis because there are no tradeoffs.

If you can say Carbon sequestration it can happen. Wave your glorious wand!

Our children are being taught to “save the world” by writing letters to politicians and creating their own advertising campaigns to convert even younger children to grow up to be little activists. Not for them the drudgery of earning a living, balancing books, or estimating risks. As Tony Thomas says “The lesson templates would do credit to Soviet-era indoctrination.”

Tony Thomas has watched the whole 90 minute brainwash spin, so you don’t have too. This has been out […]

via JoNova

April 3, 2021 at 11:45AM

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