Will John Kerry Sell Out Chinese Human Rights to Win a Global Climate Agreement?

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

John Kerry insists he will not compromise on pressuring China to improve treatment of persecuted minorities like Christians and Uighurs, to win a global climate agreement. But I’m not sure I believe him.

Kerry: US ‘hopeful’ it can work with China to tackle climate change

04 Apr 2021 12:14AM

DUBAI: US Special Presidential Envoy for Climate John Kerry said the United States was hopeful it could work with China to tackle climate change, despite longstanding disagreements that have affected the bilateral relationship.

“Our hope is that we’re going to be able to deal with yes, China,” Kerry told reporters during a visit to the United Arab Emirates capital Abu Dhabi on Saturday. “President Biden has made it clear and I’ve made it clear: none of the other issues we have with China – and there are issues – is held hostage to or is engaged in a trade for what we need to do on climate.”

China has pledged to become carbon neutral by 2060 while US President Joe Biden’s administration is expected to announce a new target for reducing emissions at a global climate summit on Apr 22.

Read more: https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/climatechange/kerry–us–hopeful–it-can-work-with-china-to-tackle-climate-change-14551312

Given China’s ongoing massive coal expansion, and their open contempt for climate leaders like Greta Thunberg, a reasonable conclusion is that China does not care about CO2 emissions.

The obvious question; Why would China attend a global climate summit, if they don’t care about CO2?

It seems obvious that China will likely use climate negotiations to attempt to silence global outrage at China’s ongoing persecution of Christians and mass internment campaign against Uighurs, lift sanctions, and gain recognition for their outrageous territorial claims occupation of islands in the South China Sea, regardless of what Kerry wants.

John Kerry is the one who politically needs to bring home a deal, not China – so Kerry is negotiating from a position of weakness. Kerry does not have anything to offer that China cares about, other than concessions on non-climate issues.

Of course, if the terms of the treaty Kerry negotiates are weak enough, China might decide to sign anyway, for the entertainment value.

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April 4, 2021 at 04:26PM

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