Ross Ice Shelf Retreated 30 Miles In 19thC

By Paul Homewood

It is well established that glaciers all across the Northern Hemisphere began receding in the 19thC, long before any possible effect from AGW.

But there is plenty of evidence that the same is true on Antarctica. This newspaper report was published in 1932:


Sir James Ross undertook his expeditions to the Antarctic in the 1840’s.

The ice barrier referred to is the Ross Ice Shelf:



The shelf is estimated to be retreating by 1.3m a year, with all of the usual nonsense about “several meters of sea level rise if it all melts”. Clearly it was retreating much faster in Bernacchi’s day.

Interestingly, Bernacchi accompanied Scott on the 1901-04 Antarctic expedition. and Scott was best man at his colleague’s wedding in 1906. Bernacchi was invited to go on Scott’s ill fated second expedition, but declined due to family commitments.


April 9, 2021 at 04:57PM

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