Slovenia breaks all-time April record with below -20°C

Numerous records of almost 100 years broken with extreme cold across Europe.

7 April 2021 – Many areas in Slovenia reached their coldest April morning over the last 100 years! The official meteorological station Nova vas na Blokah peaked at -20.6 °C (-5°F), setting a new all-time national record for the month of April since records began. The previous record at the station Nova vas was -18.0 °C set on April 4th, 1970). There was another record of -26.1 °C recorded with an unofficial weather station in the village Retje near Loški Potok.

Numerous extreme cold records also across other parts of central and western Europe, deep freeze and morning frosts have been destructive.

Unprecedented extreme cold spread across many parts of Europe this Wednesday morning, following significant and historic snowfall a day before. Snowfall with some accumulation was reported even at the seaside in Slovenia and Croatia islands (Kvarner area).

The previous official record for Slovenia was held by station Pokljuka (elevation approx 1350 m ASL), with -20.4 °C set back on Apr 9th, 1956.

Many areas across the northern Balkans have seen even lower temperatures than during all of last winter (2020/21).

Very low temperatures with record-breaking cold and damaging frost ware also reported in parts of England, France, Germany, around the Alps, Italy, and Croatia.

Below are some of the most impressive and record-breaking values this morning:

-19.8 °C – Babno Polje (the previous record was -19.0 °C set on April 4th, 1970)
-19.5 °C – Zadlog
-14.6 °C – Iskrba pri Kočevju
-13.1 °C – Marinča vas
-13.0 °C – Kočevje (the previous record was -10.5 °C set on Apr 14th, 1986)
-11.6 °C – Dobliče pri Črnomlju (previous record was -5.5 °C set in 1955 and 1956)

Similar to Slovenia, Croatia also experienced extreme cold on Wednesday morning. Northern parts were badly hit with very low temperatures and destructive frost.

The most impressive values in the lowlands can be seen below:

-8.1 °C in Karlovac (at 123 m ASL)
-7.0 °C in Slavsko Polje (at 206 m ASL)
-6.5 °C in Jastrebarsko (148 m ASL)
-6.3 °C in Labin (at 231 m ASL)
-6.2 °C in Zagreb (at 129 m ASL)
-5.2 °C in Buzet (at 53 m ASL)

All these areas and many others are at low elevation, so early spring greenage and blossoming trees had begun. The damage to the vegetation therefore varies from significant to complete.,on%20April%204th%2C%201970

Thanks to Martin Siebert for this link

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