France declares ‘Farming Disaster’ after record cold – Blizzard in Belgium

The emergency support comes after freezing weather caused significant damage to crops.

Farmers across France will receive government support after the agriculture minister acknowledged the damage the cold had wreaked on crops; with the cold set to continue across the country.

Minister of Agriculture Julien Denormandie confirmed a state of “calamité agricole” – or farming disaster – yesterday (April 8), to acknowledge the damage that many farmers had suffered to their crops as a result of the freezing weather.

He told FranceInfo: “[We confirm] the implementation of what we call the calamité agricole scheme

Mr Denormandie also said, “Unfortunately, we are expecting new freezes in the next few days to which we will be paying great attention… The situation is already very difficult.”

Cold air literally invaded Western Europe and caused frosts in France, which are extremely unfavorable and destructive to buds and flower buds. Fruit and vegetable producers were not prepared for such a drop in temperature.

In 2017, this happened in France, and farmers lost more than 15% of the harvest.

And in Belgium, residents of many cities, including Brussels, have witnessed a real blizzard. In some areas, more than 20 cm of snow fell.

Meanwhile winter has returned to the Balkans

The arctic air, having subdued Western Europe, spread further southeast. On the night of April 9 in the mountains of Bulgaria and Romania the temperature dropped to -17°C.×543.jpg

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April 10, 2021 at 12:24PM

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