RIP Prince Philip, Royal Climate Skeptic

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

h/t JoNova – In the age of flamboyant woke British Royals who demand climate sacrifices from the commoners, while they swan about in private jets, it is easy to overlook that not every royal is a pompous green hypocrite.

Prince Philip, climate sceptic, already spinning in his grave

Rowan Dean

Prince Philip was a climate change sceptic. In correspondence to Spectator Australia contributor and author Ian Plimer back in 2018, the Duke of Edinburgh not only compliments Professor Plimer on his most recent book, The Climate Change Delusion, but also praises his previous book ‘Heaven and Earth’, which similarly questioned the ‘missing science’ behind the global warming scam.

Furthermore, in the letter which Ian has kindly provided to The Spectator Australia, the late Prince — who was never one to mince his words — described the wind turbines now blotting the landscapes globally as ‘monstrosities’.

Here is the letter from Windsor castle, dated 29 April 2018:

What a great question. As we can see, Prince Philip, a Patron of the Royal Geographical Society admired the work and writing of geologist Ian Plimer. In fact, the Prince attempted to invite Professor Plimer to London to address the Royal Society of Artists (RSA) on the topic of climate change.

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Prince Philip also said some things I strongly disliked; he once expressed a desire to be re-incarnated as a deadly disease, to help deal with overpopulation. So despite his sensible views on renewable energy, it must be remembered he was also a man of great imperfections.

Nevertheless, I think Britons shall miss Philip’s quiet criticism of the green blight. The royals still have a lot of influence over British affairs, through their ability to influence the thinking of Britain’s elites. Prince Philip leaves behind two generations of fanatical climate activist royals, whom I fear will retard Britain’s painful journey back to energy policy sanity.

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April 10, 2021 at 08:43PM

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