Brrrrr! – Storks in Europe nesting in the snow

After their long journey from tropical Africa, these poor fellows arrived at the wrong time.
The stork is a symbol of Central Europe. Their population numbers several thousand individuals. Each spring, these majestic large birds make a long journey from tropical Africa. But sometimes they arrive at the wrong time …

During these April days, Germany, the Czech Republic and Poland were covered with snow. The height of freshly fallen snow reaches 10-15 cm (4 to 6 inches).

See photos of storks in the snow:

Europe – Hot in the east, record cold in the west

But in the west the temperature is below normal by 2-3, in some regions below normal by 7°C. In other regions the coldest in more than a hundred years.

In Germany, France, northern Italy, it freezes at night, snows and a cold wind blows.

In France, winds from the north, mistral and tramontana, threaten flowering trees. In some places, the newly returned freezes broke records.

In the early morning hours of April 13 in Edinburgh, it froze to -2.9°C, a record low temperature for this day.

Meanwhile thermometers in Maastricht in the Netherlands dropped to -2.9°C, the coldest in more than a hundred years. The previous record, set in 1912, was only slightly lower at -2.8°C.

A completely different picture is found in the countries of Eastern Europe. In Eastern European countries the temperature exceeds usual values ​​by 4-6 degrees.  The values ​​are not records, but during the day it is about 19 to 24°C, as if it were May. And in the European territory of Russia there are many warm records. Hot air even penetrates from Central Asia.

Thanks to Martin Siebert for these links

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