Electric Corsa Is £11k Dearer Than Petrol Version

By Paul Homewood



When I looked at electric car prices the other day, it was pointed out that finance deals for the Nissan Leaf appeared to be cheaper relative to petrol. I have therefore had a look at Vauxhall’s finance deals for the Corsa-e, which can be directly compared to the Corsa petrol.

Both models are the bottom of the range SE:




Corsa-e SE NAV Premium




Corsa SE1.2 Petrol

To summarise the difference:

Excluding govt subsidy, the electric model is around £11K dearer, whether financed or not.

What is noticeable though is that the optional final payment is £5054 higher for the electric version. Vauxhall appear to be gambling that second hand prices in four years time for electric will be much higher now than they appear to be now.

Assuming they are right, all it means is that some of the extra £11k cost ends up being paid by second hand buyers, rather than all being incurred by the new car buyer.

What does not change is the fact that the electric Corsa is £11K dearer.


Electric Petrol Difference Excl £2500 Govt Subsidy
OTR 24140 15815 8325 10825
Total payable 26594 17337 9257 11757
Total excl final payment 15266 11063 4203 6703
Final payment 11328 6274 5054



April 24, 2021 at 07:39AM

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