Fake Crisis: Experts Conclude In New Book “Today’s Climate Change Neither Dramatic Nor Unprecedented”

An objective look at the climate history throughout the Holocene shows that today’s warming is neither dramatic nor unprecedented. 

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Germans Dr. Klaus-Petr Dahm, Detlef Laves and Wolfgang Merbach have written a new book on today’s climate change: “Der heutige Klimawandel: Eine kritische Analyse des Modells von der menschlich verursachten globalen Erwärmung (Mitteilungen Agrarwissenschaften)” (A Critical Analysis of the Human-Caused Global Warming Model (Communications Agricultural Sciences).

This volume 27 of the Mitteilungen Agrarwissenschaften (agricultural science reports) deals with today’s climate change and thus takes up a very topical issue.

In the public debate, current global warming – based on the anthropogenic global warming (AGW) model advocated by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) – is blamed almost exclusively on human activities, and in particular on the emission of carbon dioxide (CO2).

“Neither dramatic nor unprecedented”

Criticism of this hypothesis receives far less attention and is often viewed in a decidedly negative light. This booklet contains such a critical analysis. The authors use the Earth’s climate history to show that today’s climate change is neither dramatic nor unprecedented. Rather, it is a normal occurrence in our Holocene warm period within the Quaternary ice age period, which, like all past climate change events, can be attributed to natural causes (especially solar activity in conjunction with the hydrosphere).

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April 25, 2021 at 11:25AM

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