Biden Cancels Inconvenient Historical Wildfire Data

By Paul Homewood


For many years, the National Interagency Fire Center, a US Federal Agency, has published statistics on wildfires, including data on the number and acreage of fires each year since 1926 (highlighted):







Inconveniently the data showed that wildfires used to be much worse in the past. It is true that early data may not have been as accurate as today’s, which benefits from satellite images, aircraft monitoring and computer analysis. Nevertheless, that historical data was broadly accurate, and certainly would not be out by a factor of five and more.

Bjorn Lomborg has researched this matter in detail, and confirms that the early data corresponds with that used in official reports at the time, as well as contemporary accounts.

Moreover, Obama’s own USDA published a report in 2011, which used this exact same data, and commented that wildfire acreage was greater than now between 1925 and 1960:







Apparently Biden’s administration now finds the truth so embarrassing that it has decided to bury it. Now, the link to the NIFC comes up with this:



When you click on the “Wildfires and Acres” box, you get this: 





Fortunately we can still access the old data via Wayback.

It is highly ironic that the White House casually revokes older data which contradicts its climate agenda, but is more than happy to use historical temperature data which over time has been corrupted with UHI!


May 4, 2021 at 05:16AM

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