From Home Depot to leading an outdoor media association (ft. Thomas MacAulay)

From Home Depot to leading an outdoor media association (ft. Thomas MacAulay)

“My first real job here [in Georgia]. I worked at the Home Depot….I always equated a lot of things to Home Depot, because one of the things that they taught us early on was engagement. How to engage with the customer. How to ask open ended questions, and they really would knock you on your review. If you didn’t ask the question, like, what brings you in the store today? And what project are you working on? If you just said, Are you okay? … They would knock you for it. Having that being my entry point into the world, really, in the business sense, really changed my perspective. And I was very hungry. They’re very tenacious—moving from one position to another up until I became a department supervisor. And I had a friend that worked there part-time that left to continue his pursuits at CVA Muzzleloaders. And I didn’t know much about muzzleloaders. But he would come in and constantly asked me, hey, do you want a real 8-to-5 job.” — Thomas MacAulay, executive director at Professional Outdoor Media Association

In Episode 172 of District of Conservation, Gabriella speaks with Thomas MacAulay. Thomas currently serves as Executive Director of the Professional Outdoor Media Association.

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May 5, 2021 at 05:10PM

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