Hypocrisy Rules!

Man-made global warming is known as Anthropogenic. But is it? And is it really getting warmer?


Hypocrisy Rules!

Lyn Jenkins

Man-made global warming is known as Anthropogenic. But is it? And is it really getting warmer?

Global warning was not anthropogenic in the Mediaeval Warm Period, circa AD 1000 when the Vikings farmed Greenland.

Nor was it so when the Romans were in Britain. They left here in AD 410 , having grown grapes in what is now Yorkshire in Northern England. That cannot be done today. Too cold.

Temperatures are really trending down!

The Arctic area snow mass on LAND is mainly on Greenland.

One thing is sure, the level of the Adriatic in Venice is similar to where it was 300 years ago. Look at the water levels around the Venice churches built in the 1700s.

The Adriatic is open to the Mediterranean and the Atlantic, so the sea will find its own level.

So why is this happening in the U.K.?

Diesel/Petrol manufacturing of cars will be banned in 2030, in favour of electric vehicles[EVs] .

Check gridwatch.co.uk and note wind-generated electricity for UK.

It averages 6000MW and can be as low as 95MW under High Pressure. The UK is small and narrow compared to US. So one large high over UK covers most of the country ,which is much less than 250 miles in width in most places. So most wind turbines stop!!

There are 40 million vehicles in UK. If 30 million become EVs of the size of Nissan Leaf[ one of the smallest ], they would need a 5kW charge for 8 hours to fully charge the 40kWh battery, to drive 150 miles a day . That totals 150,000,000 kW = 150,000 MW.

So if 30 million EVs average just a quarter of the mileage…..37.5 miles a day ……they would still need 150,000MW for 2 hours each day for just a partial charge, would they not?

The UK also needs 55000MW for homes, offices, factories ,hotels, HOSPITALS etc , in winter.

So where is this 205,000 MW going to come from once we shut fossil fuel power stations? We have moth-balled our coal power stations……..but they have been needed since January 2021 in cold spells when the wind has dropped.

Meanwhile, Germany has a lot of solar energy and wind turbines in the North……. but note how much reliable German electricity comes from hard coal and filthy brown coal [ lignite] to make their tens of millions of diesel/petrol cars for export to the world, including the Guardian readers and greenies of the U.K. !!

Enter “gridwatch templar, Germany ” into Google to find out the truth !

Hypocrisy Rules!

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May 15, 2021 at 04:46PM

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