“NSW might bring forward Dungowan Dam” Deputy PM

I heard our Australian Dep PM Michael McCormack discussing the Budget infrastructure spend say on TV News “NSW might bring forward Dungowan Dam”.
What th’ – on 14Oct2019 back in “the drought” Prime Minister Morrison and NSW Premier announced Canberra would give NSW a $Billion for dams including the new Dungowan. See links in my 27Sep20 blog ScoMo $Bill on NSW dams where I noted that nothing was happening except EIS prepping and “community consultation”. Also the Tamworth Regional Council water supplies page has nothing I saw about a new Dungowan Dam. NSW Energy policy from late 2020 has unmasked the increasingly Green policies in NSW and maybe Deputy PM McCormack is correct in implying the proposed Dungowan Dam is on some sort of deliberate holding pattern. In February the Productivity Commission released a draft report “National Water Reform”. This pointed out arguments against a new Dungowan Dam based on “costs of buying water” issues. The “National Water Reform” draft also reveals on page 183/184 of 229 in “Box 13.1 Flawed decision making for Dungowan Dam” – quote [In 2016, the New South Wales and Australian Governments committed a total of $150 million to the construction of Dungowan Dam on the Peel River (ANZIP 2020).] So now the cost has blown out to ~$500Mill yet here we are 5 years on from 2016 – it has rained again and NSW Water Dept are still doing [EIS prepping and “community consultation”].
IMHO just more evidence Australia has lost its way.

via Errors in IPCC climate science


May 16, 2021 at 01:19PM

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