Tallawarra B replacing Liddell with nothing-burger

Coal fired Liddell was 2,000MW and Tallawarra B is a 300MW OCGT unit gas “peaking” power plant on the western side of the suburban Lake Illawarra in southern Wollongong. Australia’s first green hydrogen and gas power plant. by Deputy Premier Barilaro 3May21 The hydrogen seems to be just a wish from the Chinese owned Energy Australia to find some future hydrogen fuel from 2025 if they can.
The Hon Angus Taylor MP Minister for Energy and Emissions Reduction says “Tallawarra B power station to be built”.
All the above has to be seen in light of –
[1] Increasing revelations of the Green stance of the Premier over last 6 to 9 months.
[2] The surprisingly Green future plans revealed late in 2020 by Energy Minister Matt Keane as NSW pursues a net zero target by 2050.
[3] The appointment of Malcolm Turnbull as some sort of Energy Czar under Minister Keane – an appointment that was quickly reversed after the Upper Hunter byelection(voting is 22nd May) was announced.
[4] NSW has for years been too often an importer of electricity from Queensland.
[5] Note the Deputy Premiers media release say near the end “Jointly underwriting the Queensland-NSW transmission interconnector upgrade with the Commonwealth Government.” Why would taxpayers funds be wasted on this when NSW should generate its own electricity. And we have the Queensland Premier saying in 2020; “NSW has their own hospitals – Queensland hospitals are for Queensland people”.
[6] Closing Liddell and adding Tallawarra B will add stress to NSW gas supplies which have failed power plants in recent years plus NSW has gas exploration bans and the much ballyhooed Narrabri gas proved up by Santos is subject to unrelenting lawfare on many fronts including the pipeline connection to NSW grid.
IMHO NSW needs to strengthen its own capacity to generate 24/7 dispatchable electricity.

via Errors in IPCC climate science


May 16, 2021 at 01:57AM

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