Climate Change “Obsession of the Elite”

By Paul Homewood





Despite the media propaganda onslaught, climate change still ranks well down the list of things the public worry about. only 18% see it as one of the most important problems, with a negligible 6% listing it as top concern.

Note that the question asks about Pollution/Environment/Climate Change. No doubt, if the climate change had been set as a separate question, which an honest poll would have done, the vote would have been much lower still.

IPSOS comments:



In other words, it is only of real interest to the better off: interestingly there no are no significant differences between age groups, which rather destroys the BBC argument that the young have fallen for Greta’s propaganda.

Damningly, Labour supporters are double as likely to worry about climate change. Given that the working classes are less likely to worry, this shows that Labour is fast losing its working class base.


May 18, 2021 at 01:00PM

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