Headed for slavery, loss of our freedoms and eventually the iron fist of communism

All in the name of the “Green New Deal.”

“The U.S. Not Prepared for Mini Ice Age: Wake Up”.

That’s the title of an insightful commentary by Devvy on Rense.com.

Here are some excerpts:

Americans are gearing up for summer as spring is in full bloom. Hot temperatures we normally see in states like Arizona, Texas, Florida and others will soon be upon us. For many it means the yearly thaw from snow states and time for fun in the sun.

Imbecile, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, ‘climate change’ cult members from the brain dead Hollywood screeching club, ignorant politicians including too many Republicans in Congress, reporters, those scared by the nonsense coming from mega mouths Greta Thunberg , Al Gore(bechev) and others believe we have a scant 9-10 years before the earth fries us all like a microwave oven.

None of them can spell science but through constant, repeated lies they’ve convinced people around the world the end is in sight. The brainwashing began in the public indoctrination centers called schools. The so-called “Green New Deal” is nothing but a well-planned move to completely bankrupt this country and kill capitalism in favor of slavery, loss of our freedoms and eventually the iron fist of communism.

Over the decades “global warming” turned into a dud with voters here in the U.S. so it was re-branded as climate change. I’ve been monitoring earthquakes over the last 18 months after I started reading up on periods of life- threatening cold weather called ice ages which led me to learn about what is a ‘mini ice age’.

Criminal impostor “president” and medical example of advanced dementia possibly bordering on Altzheimer’s (Biden’s confusion, “where are we”?, mixing up who his wife is with another female), Cheater China Joe , is trying to sell his handlers $3 TRILLION dollar infrastructure nightmare which would include $400 BILLION BORROWED DOLLARS for climate change.

If we don’t fight this the consequences are going to be horrific.

See all of this great commentary:

Thanks to Winston Smith for this link

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May 22, 2021 at 09:26AM

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