Fed Gov Budget Kurri Kurri gas fired generation

Tracing a timeline of announcements by Minister Angus Taylor before and after the Federal Budget reveals a fascinating coincidence of events which exactly supported the Gov case that the Kurri Kurri 660MW gas generation would be needed to beef up dispatchable generation when Liddell is closed. Of course the renewables industry spruikers and anti-fossil fuel interests have pilloried the Kurri Kurri gas plant widely. But the Minister (and his staffers and everybody else) seem oblivious that daily events with impeccable timing have been exactly demonstrating the case for Kurri Kurri. Enjoy the Timeline.
[1] Advancing Australia’s gas-fired recovery 7May21 no mention Kurri Kurri
[2] Investing in reliable affordable energy and reducing emissions to secure Australia’s recovery 11May21 Day of the Budget no mention here of Kurri Kurri
[3] ABC reports the day after Fed Budget – Here’s how the Hunter region fared in the 2021 budget 12May21 Despite the government’s plan to build a $600m dollar gas plant at Kurri Kurri at the taxpayer’s expense, no money was specifically allocated in the budget.
[4] Back to the Ministers media releases. Wholesale electricity prices at nine-year low 17May21 (Prob. due Covid disaster) Hey Minister on that VERY DAY NSW and other State prices are exploding due to a wind drought. OpenNem – 19 May screen save Open Nem
[5] Protecting families and businesses from higher energy prices 19May21 Mentions Kurri Kurri to be built by Snowy Hydro – still no recognition of AEMO daily average prices exploding due the wind drought in NSW and various other States. AEMO spreadsheet from 22May see below. Larger spreadsheet
[6] Snowy Hydro page on Hunter Power Project at Kurri Kurri

via Errors in IPCC climate science


May 23, 2021 at 01:49AM

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