Memorial Day Weekend: Get Going!

Get happy. Summer beckons. Not only bike and hike but also drive, truck, bus, rail, cruise, or fly to a better environment–your self-selected environment.


The automobile is environmentalism-on-wheels. The open road is freedom to escape the concrete for the great beyond. Mountains, rivers, hills, forests, and ever-green golf courses are a drive away. 

Don’t worry about the anti-travel crowd who fret about emissions of the trace green gas, carbon dioxide. Just forget the spin and go for a spin!


Each year, MasterResource celebrates the beginning of the peak-driving season knowing that our free-market philosophy is about energy abundance, affordability, and reliability. And there is little to apologize for. When is the last time you got a bad tank of gasoline, anyway?

Oil, gas, and coal have been and continue to be technologically transformed into super-clean energy resources. Carbon-based energies are growing more abundant, not less. And energy/climate alarmism is losing steam on all fronts (except the shouting).

The real energy sustainability problem is statism, not free consumer choice. As Matt Ridley concluded: “There is little doubt that the damage being done by climate-change policies currently exceeds the damage being done by climate change.” As Alex Epstein is telling each one of us to tell our neighbors: I Love Fossil Fuels. So celebrate!

Memorial Day Weekend Dance Party + La Cruda in Austin at The

Energy is the master resource. Motorized transportation is freedom-of-movement. So, like that old Shell commercial said, Let’s Go!

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Enjoy your long weekend!

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May 28, 2021 at 01:09AM

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